Full-Time Programs

Application and Web Development at Pacific Design Academy

The new 2-year (6 semester) Application and Web Development program provides students with both the technical and design skills required for a variety of careers related to application and web development.

Components of the program:

  • Design modern web site architecture
  • Build iOS and Android applications
  • CMS application development, including Wordpress
  • Windows application development
  • Multimedia solutions
  • Project management
  • Business analysis

Students use the latest software tools to build applications and websites for a wide variety of platforms. Students gain the chance to develop individual talents and interests while showcasing industry expected skills that meet the needs of future clients and employers. Students will develop career skills that are relevant to the application development industry.

The learning experience at Pacific Design Academy is like no other. Every instructor who teaches application & web development is a working professional in the Information Technology industry. They bring their industry experience and standards to their students. They teach because they are passionate about programming and love inspiring others to create the future with modern application development.

The Application and Web Development program is a two year course with 1440 intense hours of educational time. Each year has three 12 week semesters.

Department Head

Jason Ross

Matt Price

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Course Descriptions

Website Design I - IV

Students will learn how to build websites using HTML5, CSS3, and Javascript. Starting with an introduction to web technologies, students will build their toolsets over the course of the program to include proficiency with the latest and most popular HTML5, CSS3, and Javascript libraries.

Database Integration

Students will learn the basic concepts of data modelling and an introduction to database design and use. Students will be introduced to Microsoft Access and Excel applications and learn how to model and use information systems using both programs.

User Interface Design I & II

Through in-class discussion and assigned projects, students will learn to develop solutions to common design problems. Key concepts will be explained involving interaction design and visual design.

App Development Theory

Students will be introduced to the grand overview of software application development. An introduction to the fundamentals of application development including: Object Orientated Programming, Agile vs Waterfall, Documentation, Model View Controller, and basic language features.

Web Application Development I - V

Students will learn to build client-server web applications using HTML5, CSS3, Javascript, PHP, Java, .Net, SQL, and other web application libraries and frameworks.

Business Analyst I - III

Students will be introduced to the role of a Business Analyst as it relates to software development. Students will learn the fundamentals of business analysis, including looking at the business case, functional requirements, business requirements, stakeholders, teamwork, project management, and selecting technologies for client solutions.

Project Management

Students will learn the basics of project management, including building a project timeline, monitoring progress, and learn tools and skills to ensure a project stays in scope and is ready on time and on budget.

IOS Application Development I - III

Students will be introduced to application development on iOS, including using XCode to build applications using the iOS user interface and key iOS libraries, such as CoreData, MapKit, and SpriteKit.

Android Application Development I - III

Students will be introduced to the concepts of Android app development, including learning the User Interface, Activity/Fragments, Location Based/Map, Game Development, Camera and Sharing Actions, and Audio/Visual frameworks.

Microsoft Application Development I & II

Students will be introduced to the concepts of basic Windows development, including an introduction to Visual Studio, C#, C++, F#, and Visual Basic to develop a complete Windows application, as well as client-server application development.

Cross-Platform Development I & II

Students will works in teams to create projects by integrating the skills they have learned, such as HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript/JQuery, using responsive design to create a user driven business website that works across platforms: web and mobile.

Personal Promotion

Students will learn the skills necessary to promote themselves professionally. Students will develop a portfolio and hone their marketing skills.