Testimonials from PDA Alumni

Graphic Media Design

Eddie Morris

GD 2014

"I am leaving PDA with a solid design knowledge, and good level of confidence. Starting from not knowing anything beyond pencial and paper art, I think that speaks highly of the school and staff."

Jordan Nijjar

GD 2014

"Loved it! I am ready to go! The perfect program for the ambitious, modern, creative individual."

Reine Jensen

GD 2014

"Overall a pleasant experience. I learned the skills I was hoping to, and then some."

Elizabeth Newman

GD 2013

"I graduated a few years ago from PDA and I am so proud to see us being #3 on the best designs schools, right after New York. Super amazing!!

I also wanted to gloat about my amazing job that I could not have gotten without the coaching of Terry. I work for Triple Flip World Headquarters as an E Commerce Coordinator. What that means is I work alongside a merchandiser and a photographer and together we make sure the website is looking great at all times. I design heat press graphics on occasion and my graphics get put onto team t shirts and are sold all over Canada. I also code up email campaigns and work closely in Campaign Monitor to schedule and analyze our campaigns. It is my job to report to our owner how our webstore is selling product.

What an amazing school and I would not be here without the guidance of all the wonderful teachers in the Graphic Design department.

Danny Prew

GD 2011

"PDA pushed me to my limit and taught me to grow as a designer. I received comprehensive training and the program prepared me for the business side of design, which is massively helpful once you graduate. The instructors are practicing professionals and incredibly knowledgeable. I felt a great level of comfort and familiarity amongst staff and students alike. I was hired straight out of school and have been provided with the tools I need in order to succeed."

not available

GD 2010

"Well, I am officially a published author and have 2 books out now on Amazon with a real publishing contract with one of the world's biggest spiritual publishers, Light technology Publishing!"

"So much of what I learnt at PDA helped, from design for cover images, typography for inside the covers and social media marketing for getting it out there. I wanted to let you know that the whole process of writing, typing, selling and promoting were ALL made possible by my time at the school. Here's a link to the Amazon page.. just so you can see! "

Sandy Milligan

GD 2008

"My days now consist of exciting business meetings, networking gatherings with graphic designers all over Vancouver Island, a list of clients, and A LOT of deadlines! Did I mention the pay is amazing?...Let's just say I am loving the Graphic Design field and wanted to thank you very much for everything you've [PDA] taught me."

not available

GD 2006

"I'm in my second week of work and I really love it! I am currently designing a logo for a water taxi company and my employers have said they are very impressed with my skills and my work so far. They also commented on my portfolio and were impressed with the variety."

Sandy Milligan

GD 2005

"...I designed a shoulder patch for the Niagara Falls Fire Department. This patch will be on all the firefighters' uniforms once done. You have no idea how much you [PDA] have helped me do what I do now, and I am incredibly appreciative for it all."

Interior Architectural Design

Alexis Solomon

ID 2010

"The knowledge that I gained through the 2 year program has allowed me to find a job in Victoria as an Interior Designer. Now I wake up every morning excited and thankful that I love my job!"

Mary Ellen Henderson

ID 2009

"Completion of the 2-year Interior Architectural Design program at PDA provided me with the skills to quickly find rewarding employment in my chosen design field. As a mature student making a career change, I appreciated the professionalism, knowledge and current industry experience that the instructors brought to the classes."

Alexia Kerr

ID 2009

"Thanks to my 2 years at Pacific Design Academy I am now working as a Senior Kitchen & Bath Design Consultant in Calgary. I found that the instructors and course contend were excellent. I have worked as a Residential Interior Designer, Architectural Tech and Account Manager in cabinetry and flooring. PDA did a great job at preparing me to succeed in the Design industry and I am proud to say that I love what I do!"

Architectural Building Technology

Nicholas Salvador

BT 2014

"I had a great experience at PDA. They provided an excellent balanced education in the classes they provided and the instructors where very knowledgable. I now have a great portfolio to go out and look for work."

Peer Bawlf

BT 2014

"This was a great program. Thank you for offering it. I enjoyed myself. I learned many new things."

Jared Kangas

BT 2014

"My experience here at PDA was life changing, I learned many new skills I will never forget."

Andrew Carruthers

BT 2008

"I got work at Hillel Architecture in Victoria. I worked there till September 2010, at which point I moved to Whistler for a job at Murdoch+ Company Architecture + Planning where I am still. PDA gave me the basic skills and knowledge necessary to get a job in the field."

Justin Gammon

BT 2007

"I found the Building Technology program to be well organized and responsive to the requirements of the industry. I was able to secure a job with the firm I wanted and currently enjoy a position that encourages me to grow professionally and develop new skills."

not available

BT 2007

"Pacific Design Academy's Building Technology program has provided me the essential skills and practical knowledge base towards working in the design and construction industry. Prior to graduation, I have already found several employment opportunities available to me! [It] has been a wonderful experience that I will always cherish in my future career."

Fashion Design

Sofia Mendez Schenone

FD 2010

"I left [PDA] not only being able to make anything that I want, but I also learned about fabrics, production, and running my own business. All of the instructors there are amazing and are there to help you with whatever you need, making the whole process a great learning experience. I am now living my dream I have my own clothing line, won the Generation Next competition for up and coming fashion designers, and am expanding my line across eastern Canada."

not available

FD 2006

"I first came to this school with a nervous dream but graduated after one year with the knowledge and the confidence to realize it."
- Veronique Gagnon

Melina Morry

FD 2012

"I loved my time at PDA and hope others have as good of an experience as I did. My online portfolio showcases some of the projects I worked on and things I learned while at PDA: www.melinamorry.tumblr.com."

3D Animation & FX

not available

Eric G.
3D Animation 2017

"As a filmmaker, the 3D Animation & FX course at Pacific Design Academy allowed me to take my art form to the next level. The course offered me a clear introduction to the complexities of 3D medium that I could expand on. I love this medium and am looking forward to working its endless creative possibilities."

Motion Picture Production

not available

MPP 2009

“The courses are a lot of fun. The teachers have been very instructive and supportive. One thing that is great about this school is that each student gets treated as a person and not just a number as other film school's do. They work with you on a personal level and you get to know the teachers, the students, and also yourself very well. It's been a great learning opportunity for me in coming to this school and I'm really grateful that I have chosen the Pacific Design Academy.”

not available

MPP 2009

I really enjoy being a student at Pacific Design Academy. It has brought me closer to my second love, film and photography, through cinematography. I want to thank Oliver, the new owner of the school and the faculty who have all worked tirelessly to provide an awesome learning environment for both film and acting students

not available

MPP 2009

All I can say is that I have grown tremendously over the past 9 months that I have attended the Motion Picture Production course. We the class of 2009 got to know what teamwork and working together can accomplish. We were privileged to be in the company of lecturers that has great experience in the field of motion picture industry.

not available

MPP 2009

Thanks to my decision to attending Pacific Film & New Media Academy, within one year of graduating I was employed on a high-rated reality television show in New York City, living in Hollywood, and working fulltime on feature films, music videos and commercials. The passionate instructors are top-notch industry professionals who understand what it takes to be successful in the business, no matter the department or area of filmmaking. The willingness to work hard and be challenged will be rewarded with the tools to achieve limitless dreams and opportunities. I f you’ve ever dreamt of a life in film or television, Pacific Design Academy will make that dream a reality. It certainly did for me.

not available

MPP 2012

“Was a good experience. Hard work, but worth it."

not available

MPP 2012

“A great experience that I would highly recommend to everyone interested in film making.”