Part-Time Evening Classes at PDA

Web Design II

This course is intended for any students who have previously completed the Web Design I part-time course, or have a basic understanding of HTML and CSS principles.

Students will learn how to create more involved web pages with advanced techniques to structure and style web pages using HTML, CSS, and Javascript. 

Students will learn how to use Javascript to add dynamic content to their web pages. Students will be introduced to JQuery for advanced DOM selection and page manipulation. They will also be introduced to the Greensock and Scrollmagic animation libraries for adding sophisticated dynamic content to their sites easily. Lastly, students will be introduced to the Bootstrap API for easier responsive layout design.

Course Length: 6 weeks, 36 hours

Materials Needed: None

Program Start: 
September 11, 2017

Course Hours: 5:30pm-8:30pm. Mondays & Wednesdays

Fees: $495.00

Course Outline:

Class 1:
Course Outline Review HTML and CSS Review

Class 2:
Introduction to Javascript

Class 3:
Introduction to Javascript

Class 4:
Introduction to Javascript

Class 5:
CSS Advanced selectors
Introduction to Jquery

Class 6:
Responsive Design using media queries

Class 7:
Introduction to Bootstrap

Class 8:
Introduction to Bootstrap

Class 9:
Introduction to Greensock animation library

Class 10:
Introduction to Greensock animation library

Class 11:
Introduction to Scrollmagic animation library

Class 12:
Introduction to Scrollmagic animation library



Amber has been involved with web design technology for nearly 20 years and has been involved with web development since the onset of the internet. Her passion for Web Design began as soon as websites began uploading online and her top Honours in Web Design and has won her multiple Web Design awards during her career. Amber's has worked with both small and large companies to design and develop interactive websites that keep up with todays ever changing standards.

Classes with insufficient registration will be cancelled. Should this occur, a full refund will be issued. So don't delay, register today!

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