Part-Time Evening Classes at PDA

Pattern Drafting

In the fashion industry quality patterns are the first step to making quality garments. Students will learn to draft professional patterns that conform to current industry standards.

In this course students will learn to draft patterns that conform to current industry standards. Each student will develop their own blocks (a basic pattern used as a tool to create other patterns) and will then learn how to use the block to draft other designs. The class will include flat techniques and draped pattern making. We will also discuss common obstacles in pattern making.

The objective of the course is for students to practice and understand the fundamentals of hand drafted pattern making. The course will show how to apply these skills and techniques in today’s fashion industry. Please refer to the week-by- week outline for a complete course overview. 

Course Length: 6 weeks, 36 hours

Materials needed:
Mechanical pencil, tape measure, clear plastic ruler, red colour pencil, blue colour pencil, and calculator

Program Start: 
September 2019

Course Hours: 5:30pm-8:30pm. Mondays & Wednesdays

Fees: $495.00 taxes included.

Course Outline:

Class 1:
Measuring for the basic pattern blocks. Discuss pattern terms and drafting equipment. What patterns look like and how they work (quarter scale samples)

Class 2:
Pattern Labeling, Seam allowances. Drafting – Bodice / Bodice Variations

Class 3:
Blending Truing & Equalizing Drafting – Skirt / Skirt Variations

Class 4:
Drafting – Sleeve / Sleeve Variations

Class 5:
Drafting – Work on Bodice, Skirt & Sleeve variations

Class 6:
Drafting – Work on Bodice, Skirt & Sleeve variations

Class 7:
Drafting – Basic Torso / Dress variations

Class 8:
Facings & linings. Pattern Grading – What it is & How it works

Class 9:
Draped Pattern making

Class 10:
Draped Pattern Making. Draft a garment of your choice using your blocks

Class 11:
Draft a garment of your choice using your blocks

Class 12:
Draft a garment of your choice using your blocks


Student 1:
Through this class, we learned the skills to creatively design any sort of garment that we could imagine. It helped me to think in a new way and gave insight into how garments are constructed.

Student 2:
I really loved taking this class, I have learned a lot in a short amount of time and it has made me realize just how much I enjoy pattern drafting to the point where I may pursue it as a career. Rosemary is a very kind, patient, and experienced teacher.


Caroline was born and raised on the East coast of sunny South Africa. After high school she received a certificate in Fashion Styling & Photography, followed by a bachelor's degree in Fashion Design from Inscape Design College in Durban, South Africa. She immigrated to Canada in March 2016 and has since started her own small online clothing label, Leanne Handmade. Caroline aims to bring fresh ideas and a new outlook to her courses at PDA, she believes that encouragement, motivation, engagement, and strong instruction are the keys to producing high quality graduates, ready to join the working world.

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