Part-Time Evening Classes at PDA

Fashion Stylist

An introduction to the world of fashion styling - the industry’s unsung heroes. This course will utilize a hands-on approach through lectures, guest speakers, visual references and group projects.

Student learning outcomes:

Identify the requirements of a stylist
 Identify important fashion and editorial stylists
 Styling for Print
 Styling for the Entertainment Industry
 Image Management
 Career Diversity
 History and Inspiration
 Test shooting
 Building a portfolio

Course Assignments:

 Putting together a mood board for editorial or advertisement
 Stylist research assignment
 Putting together a stylist kit
 Creating a fashion campaign
 Performing a test shoot

Course Length: 6 weeks, 36 hours

Materials Needed: None

Program Start: 
September 2019

Course Hours: 5:30pm-8:30pm. Tuesdays & Thursdays

Fees: $495.00 taxes included.

Course Outline:

Class 1 - Introduction to Fashion Styling
What is a Fashion Stylist
The three main types of fashion Stylists
Other types of Stylists outside of Fashion
What it means to work in the Freelance Industry

Class 2 - Styling for Print
The two main areas of print styling
The difference between editorial and lifestyle styling
How to source clothes
Responsibilities of a Fashion Stylist
Stylist kits

Class 3 - Styling for Film and Television
The difference between a wardrobe stylist and costume design
How film and television production are produced
Continuity in wardrobe
Break down and break down kits

Class 4 - Image Management
To become a personal stylist
Image consulting
Different body types
Analyzing different style categories
Elements and principles of design
Personal colour palette
Developing clients

Class 5 - Styling Diversity
Runway styling
Off figure styling
Prop and set styling
Food styling

Class 6 - History, Icons and Terms
Fashion communication
Key to fashion trends
Fashion eras
Fashion icons
Cultural references, film, art and literature

Class 7 - Building your Portfolio
How to start building a portfolio
Marketing tools of the trade
Websites, business cards
Assisting and self promotion

Class 8 - Mood Boards and Brand Consulting
Importance of a mood board in fashion and television
Using Pinterest and Polyvore
Brand consulting with designers
Celebrity styling

Class 9 - Portfolio Test Shooting and Breaking Down a Story Board
Test shooting for your portfolio (what it means)
Coming up with the team
How a story board works
Finding a photographer
Planning a theme (story)
Sourcing clothes and props
Wardrobe prep

Class 10 - Producing a Test Shoot and On-set Styling
Producing a test and fashion shoot
Call sheets and call times
On set etiquette
Photography and composition
Hair and make-up
Model posing

Class 11 - Bring the Shoot to Real Life
Produce and style a photo shoot for editorial or advertisement

Class 12 - Portfolio Ready - Build Your Business
First pictures in your portfolio
Business 101 for a freelance stylist
Agency or Freelance
Course Re-Cap


Student 1:
PDA is a great place to gain knowledge and experience to reach your creative potential


Bertha graduated from the Jeannette Klein Institute in Mexico-City with a degree in Fashion Design. She worked for the Spanish international company ZARA travelling as Window Display Designer. She became the Window Display National Manager of BERSHKA MEXICO, after training in Spain. After 15 years of experience in the Fashion Industry, Bertha started teaching Fashion Design and Personal Image Design at the Gestalt Centre of Studies in Veracruz, Mexico, encouraging creativity and quality work. Currently Bertha lives in Victoria, BC and continues working as Visual Merchandiser and Window Display Designer. She enjoys the great outdoors and quality of life of the island.

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