Part-Time Evening Classes at PDA

Fashion Illustration

This program will lead the students through the fashion design illustration process, developing both their Artistic technical skills and natural intuition to sketch & draw fashion illustrations.

We will start by doing thumbnail sketches, move into rough sketching with more detail, and culminate in coloured illustrations of the student’s own designs. 

Students will also create their own design inspiration boards as they learn to draw with confidence. This class will cover proportions of the fashion figure, drawing head, hands, and feet as well as side and back poses. We will refine those design ideas and learn artistic details like shading, positioning, colouring, and blending. This class will also cover rendering different fabrics and cuts. Lastly, we will select the students’ best designs to be fully illustrated and coloured as artwork or portfolio pieces. This course is perfect for anyone who enjoys fashion and wants to develop his or her skills as a fashion artist.

*No prior drawing or art experience required.

Course Length: 6 weeks, 36 hours

Materials Needed: 

1 pad 11x14” tracing paper

1 pad 11x14” marker paper

Coloured pencils

1 chartpak marker (colour sand)

1 chartpak marker (colour cool grey)

Optional: Illustrating Fashion: Concept to Creation by Steven Stipelman

Program Start: 
September 2019

Course Hours: 5:30pm-8:30pm. Mondays & Wednesdays.

Fees: $495.00 taxes included.

Course Outline:

Class 1:
Instructor will demonstrate the design development process from thumbnail to illustration.  We will discuss how to look for and find inspiration and begin thumbnail sketching.

Class 2:
Students will create their own thumbnail croquis. We will review thumbnail sketches and revise design concepts based on inspiration. Each student will start creating a vision board for a collection.

Class 3:
Instructor will demonstrate the process of developing rough sketches from thumbnails.  We will review vision boards and continue thumbnail sketching. At the end of class we will select designs from thumbnail sheets to develop into illustrations.

Class 4:
Instructor will demonstrate sketching head, hands, and feet. Students will create their own rough sketch croquis. We will review vision boards and continue working on rough sketches.

Class 5 :
Instructor will discuss fabric selection, colour, and colour stories. We will review vision boards and rough sketches. Students will continue developing rough sketches.

Class 6:
Instructor will demonstrate rendering facial details, hand gestures, and feet positioning.  We will discuss proportions of the fashion figure and creating your own croquis.

Class 7:
Instructor will demonstrate shading to achieve a 3-D effect. Students will work on developing their own illustration croquis.

Class 8:
Instructor will demonstrate rendering patterns: prints, weaves, fur, lace, and textures.  Students will complete their own illustration croquis

Class 9:
Instructor will demonstrate drawing on marker paper with coloured pencil and colouring with markers. Students will continue developing their designs on marker paper.

Class 10:
Instructor will demonstrate bringing all the elements together on the illustration. Students will continue developing their designs on marker paper.

Class 11:
Students will complete their vision boards including thumbnail sketches, rough sketches, fabric swatches, and pieces of inspiration.

Class 12:
Students will complete their fashion illustrations.  Instructor will demonstrate spray mounting and clear coating artwork.



Bertha graduated from the Jeannette Klein Institute in Mexico-City with a degree in Fashion Design. She worked for the Spanish international company ZARA travelling as Window Display Designer. She became the Window Display National Manager of BERSHKA MEXICO, after training in Spain. After 15 years of experience in the Fashion Industry, Bertha started teaching Fashion Design and Personal Image Design at the Gestalt Centre of Studies in Veracruz, Mexico, encouraging creativity and quality work. Currently Bertha lives in Victoria, BC and continues working as Visual Merchandiser and Window Display Designer. She enjoys the great outdoors and quality of life of the island.

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