Part-Time Evening Classes at PDA

Draping Fundamentals

This course explores the three-dimensional draping approach to basic garment design. Fundamental procedures and the importance of grain, balance and construction are covered.

This 12 session introductory course will practice design development techniques on the ‘dress form’. Students will develop a sense of fit, proportion, silhouette, and style.

*This course has been designed for those with some prior garment construction experience. No previous draping experience is necessary.

Course Topics:
 Explore fitting and pattern creation using 3D design development.
 Utilize fundamental draping methods to develop a set of basic blocks.
 Develop flat patterns from draped designs.
 Practice draping techniques for blouses and skirts.

Course Length: 6 weeks, 36 hours

Materials needed:
HB pencil
2" x 18" grid ruler
¼" black twill tape

A detailed supply list for this course will be provided upon registration.

Program Start: 
February 5, 2019

Course Hours: 5:30pm-8:30pm. Tuesdays & Thursdays

Fees: $495.00 taxes included.

Course Outline:

Class 1:
Draping Principles and Skills:
• Fabric Characteristics and Terminology.
• Draping Preparation.
• Principles of Balanced Patterns.
• Seam Allowances and Notching Guidelines.
The Dress Form, Tools, and Draping Terminology.
Draping and Fit Experimentation.

Class 2:
The Basic Bodice:  Front and Back Drape (Shoulder/Waistline Dart).
• Draping Process.
• Truing the Drape and Adding Ease.

Class 3:
The Basic Bodice: Front and Back Drape (Shoulder/Waistline Dart).
• Transferring the drape to paper.
• Final Proof of Bodice Drape.

Class 4:
The Basic Fitted Skirt:  Front and Back Drape.
• Draping Process.
• Truing the Drape.

Class 5 :
The Basic Fitted Skirt:  Front and Back Drape.
• Transferring the drape to paper.
• Final Proof of the Skirt Drape.

Class 6:
The Sleeve:  Draft and Test
Checking Draped Block Patterns.

Class 7:
The Torso Bodice:  Front and Back Drape
• Draping Process
• Truing the Drape

Class 8:
The Torso Bodice:  Front and Back Drape
• Transferring the drape to paper
• Final Proof of the Skirt Drape

Class 9:
Bodice and Blouse Designs.

Class 10:
Bodice and Blouse Designs.

Class 11:
Skirt Designs.

Class 12:
Skirt Designs.



Rosemary trained at Vancouver's Douglas College in Fashion Design and took a work placement at the 910 Mainland Fashion-Mart. On graduating, she launched a start-up company in custom design apparel. Her life adventure then took her to glean the artistic skills of fabric artists in Japan and pre-economic-zone China. Leaving this far eastern perspective she returned to Canada where she aced a Fibre Arts degree at Concordia University and became part of Montreal's textile industry scene, designing textile prints, producing animated character Disney prints, and opening a garment design and dye-factory for her mass-market line of clothing.

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