Landscape Design & Planning

Full-Time One Year Diploma. Next intake September 17th, 2018.

The 1-year (3 semester) Landscape Design & Planning program develops professional design skills for individuals with strong interests in horticulture, ecology, and environmental sustainability. With this program you will gain knowledge and practical skills which are applicable to site, landscape, ecological design and planning.

Why you should study with us:

The program is led by industry leaders and experts who have decades of combined experience in their fields. In addition, our teachers are practicing professionals, sharing current knowledge and techniques. 

Classes utilize both our large, bright drafting rooms as well as our Mac computer labs, and also include field trips and visits to on-going projects and outstanding sites around the city. Whether or not you have any prior landscaping or designing experience, this program will provide you with all you need to know (and more!) to quickly advance your career.

The Landscape Design & Planning program is a one year course with 720 hours of educational time and 80 hours of work experience. The year is divided into 3 semesters of 12 weeks each, plus a two-week work experience period.

Tuition and Lab Fees: 
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Course Description:

History of Landscape Design
Overview of styles, form layouts, cultural influences, and adaptive technologies of landscape design and planning throughout history. Key designers of influence will be discussed, and an understanding of the evolution of design learned.

Landscape Design & Drafting I & II
Hand drafting skills applied to landscape design. Pen and paper techniques; basic drawing/drafting; plan, elevation, section, and axiometric drafting; project layout on paper; lettering and annotation.

Landscape Planning I, II & III
An introduction to the design process including client interviews, base plan, site plan, site analysis, functional diagrams, conceptual drawings, detail and construction drawings, and presentations.

Landscape Construction I, II & III
Introduction to natural and man-made materials and their combinations in the landscape. Basic surveying/elevations, topography, contours, slope, and depictions of information. Design and installation process relationships will be learned.

Plants, Soil, Nutrients, & Water I & II
Introduction to plant material types, species, naming, and cultural practices. There will also be discussions about climate zones and regional variation possibilities, soil types, amendments and nutrition, water requirements and regimes, and nutrient management.

Business Practices & Estimating
Procedures for calculating project materials and labour/equipment costs, and for developing appropriate overhead, profit, and risk calculations. Exercises and assignments will integrate with other course work and utilize real project examples.

Green Infrastructure
The thin layer of atmosphere, soil, water, and plants that support life on Earth needs protection and care. Manipulation of the landscape can spoil what nature has intended, and careful management mitigates potential negative effects. What plants and our environment mean to life and how we integrate stewardship with design work.

Portfolio & Professional Development
A portfolio of exemplary project work will be created, along with interview, meeting management and human relations development. ‘Paper trail’ aspects including contracts, work orders, change orders, scheduling, management plans, and as-built drawings will be undertaken in simulated examples based on projects in related courses and other real projects.

Computer Aided Design I & II
Introduction to CAD software as applied to landscape design and planning. Basic operations, 2D plan and drawing preparation, and simple 3D modelling will be taught using SketchUp Pro. Emphasis will be on the final product as opposed to the details of command functions. Hand rendering from CAD base drawings will be explored.

Samples of Student work:


Head of Landscape Design & Planning
With over forty years of involvement in the landscape industry, Ken graduated from Humber Colleges Landscape Technology Program. He completed his BLA in 1986 and MLA in 2011. Through the University of Guelph, he expanded on landscape education development and was involved with Skills Ontario and Skills Canada committee work. In 2006 he travelled to Brazil to instruct World Skills trainers and their competition team for the international competition in Japan in 2007, where he also represented Canada with a team from Quebec. This event was held in Calgary, AB in 2009, where Ken represented Canada as host to fifteen international landscape gardening competition teams.