Full-Time Programs

The Pacific Design Academy offers exciting courses that are a blend of artistic skills, design fundamentals and the latest technology. We encourage our students to develop marketable skills and foster individual ability and excellence. If you wish to design, there's no better quality career training than at the Pacific Design Academy. Our programs expand your ability to think and design creatively.

Graphic Media Design


I'm pleased to introduce you to a creative career in Graphic Design and as a professional for over 20 years in this field, I'm very pleased to share my experiences in commercial and corporate design. The range of knowledge that the faculty of Graphic Design also spans many disciplines and experiences. Students can expect to come out with an impressive interactive and print based portfolio to start your new career. Work on highly diversified and challenging projects, where...
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Interior Architectural Design


Each day of our lives, much of what we do and feel is directly related to our interior environment. It influences the way we live, work and interact with others. If you enjoy creating functionally beautiful spaces and using a variety of unique materials then this course is for you.

Located in historical old town, our two year interior design program is taught in a creative environment where technical knowledge blends with artistic...
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Architectural Building Tech.


Architecture influences the way we feel about the space in which we live. It forms the background of our perceptions and influences the way we do things. Architecture is a blending of art, technology and space manipulation. If you enjoy drawing, working with spatial concepts and have a technical interest in structures, this program is for you. Three semesters in length, the Architectural Building Technology program provides students with the technical skills needed to create...
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Fashion Design


The two-year fashion design diploma program is taught in a creative environment with a hands-on approach. Our studio is equipped with industrial sewing machines, layout tables, professional dress forms and mannequins.

With courses in pattern drafting and construction techniques, fashion history, textiles, design and draping, students will develop a strong foundation in fashion. While learning about the business behind the fashion industry...
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Business of Sound


This comprehensive one-year, three-semester, program presents the rapidly evolving music and entertainment industry in a practical and business-focused manner; so graduates will be able to monetize their talents.

Subjects taught include Live Sound, Audio Engineering, Digital Music, Producing, Sound Theory, Audio for Video, SFX & Foley, Event Management, Entrepreneurship, Social Media and the Business of Music....
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Motion Picture Production


This program is designed for students wishing to become filmmakers. If you want to direct and produce films, the MPP Program will take you through the creative and business process from concept to completion. Motion Picture Production focuses on teaching students how to control and maintain the 'chain of title' (copyright) and understand the business of film without overwhelming their artistic vision. This is achieved through a series on hands-on practical...
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Acting for the Screen


This program at provides a comprehensive study of the essential skills required to perform and ultimately excel as an Actor in all realms of Recorded Media. The techniques, exercises, and practical applications utilized within the AFS Program are drawn from a varied spectrum of disciplines with the aim of encouraging students to develop their own individual approach to the Art of Acting. Scene Study, Character Analysis, Improvisation, Voice Development, Movement Psychology, Audition Technique, and The Business of Acting, are just some...
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3D Animation & FX


The 3D Animation & FX e-learning program is geared for those wanting to enter the exciting 3D Animation industry while learning from the comforts of home. This program is nine-months in duration, for a total of 720 hours. The 3D Animation & FX program begins by creating 3D Objects using Autodesk Maya. As students continue through the courses they will learn more intermediate and advance skills and techniques used in the animation...
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Professional Photography & Imaging


The 2-year (6 semester) Digital Photography and Imaging program provides students with both the technical and visual communication skills required for a variety of careers related to photography and imaging. Components of the program focus on digital capture, imaging technologies, photographic art history, entrepreneurial skills, basic graphic deign, basic video foundations and portfolio development. Students use industry standard hardware and software to capture and manipulate images to demonstrate skill and creativity. Students gain the chance to be unique and individual all while showcasing industry expected skills that meet the needs of future clients. Students will develop business and career assets that are relevant to the digital photography and imaging industry.
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Application & Web Development


The new 2-year (6 semester) Application and Web Development program provides students with both the technical and design skills required for a variety of careers related to application and web development. Students use the latest software tools to build applications and websites for a wide variety of platforms. Students gain the chance to develop individual talents and interests while showcasing industry expected skills that meet the needs of future clients and employers. Students will develop career skills that are relevant to the application development industry.
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