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Feng Shui at Pacific Design Academy

Feng Shui is now more than a passing curiousity. Used in one form or another in cultures across the world it speaks to many common aspects of Design. Charlyne’s 23 years experience and approach will focus on its basic and practical application in modern interiors. The Five Transformational theory and Feng Shui Compass (Bagua) are used to draw parallels to many design principles. The effective use of color and texture, shape and placement are deepened with Feng Shui knowledge. Good Design is good Feng Shui and vice versa. As a student you will learn the basics in order to feel confident in creating not just aesthetic environments but spaces that feel energized and inviting to all who experience them.

Course Length: 6 weeks long, 36 hours instructional time.

Course Dates: Next classes begin April 25th, 2017.

Time: 5:30-8:30pm. Days: Twice a week – Tuesdays & Thursdays..

Fee: $495.00

Unfortunately, classes with insufficient registration will be cancelled. Should this occur, a full refund will be issued. So don't delay, register today!

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Sabine David

M. Charlyne Chiasson

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Course Breakdown

Class 1

  • What is Feng Shui Design and its relevance in modern design?
  • Introduction and objectives
  • A Brief History of Feng Shui & the various Schools of thought as it applies to Interiors
  • Student assignment

Class 2

  • Creating your personal style with Feng Shui
  • Review of student exercise
  • The Five Transformational Theory Part ONE
  • FIRE ~ the first Feng Shui Design Element

Class 3

  • The Five Transformational Theory Part TWO
  • EARTH ~ The second Feng Shui Design Element
  • Elemental Charts (for client and personal application)
  • Student assignment

Class 4

  • Review of Student Assignment
  • METAL~ The third Feng Shui Design Element
  • Spaces Before & After Feng Shui (exercise)

Class 5

  • WATER ~ The fourth Feng Shui Design Element
  • Kitchen Design for good Feng Shui (fixtures, elements)
  • Introduction to the Feng Shui Compass (BAGUA)

Class 6

  • WOOD ~ the fifth Feng Shui Design Element
  • Bath Design for good Feng Shui (fixtures, elements)
  • Bath and Kitchen design using Feng Shui Principles

Class 7

  • The BAGUA its placement on a Floor Plan using the Elements and Feng Shui Design Placement
  • WOOD ~ the fifth Feng Shui Design Element
  • Bath Design for good Feng Shui (fixtures, elements)
  • Step by Step Feng Shui Investigation using design elements to balance space with color, texture, placement, lighting, fixtures

Class 8

  • Case Study One ~ Feng Shui Space by Space
  • The Elements and Feng Shui Design Placement
  • Remedial Design ~ using Feng Shui Bagua Directions and energies
  • Bath and Kitchens elemental balance (exercise)

Class 9

  • Review of Remedial Design in Interiors
  • Case Study Two
  • New Spaces and Feng Shui Placements

Class 10

  • Review of New Space Layouts using Elements, Colors, Shape, Placement
  • In Class work on Case Studies
  • Presentation themes for final assignment

Class 11

  • Feng Shui vocabulary and Concepts
  • Presentations ~ Part One
  • In class discussion and assessment

Class 12 - Review and Presentation

  • Presentations ~ Part Two
  • In class discussion and assessment
  • Overall Review and Student Mission statements
  • Certificates