Admissions & Enrollment

Thank you for considering enrolling at the Pacific Design Academy.

The minimum admission requirement at Pacific Design Academy is completion of Grade 12, or mature student status (age 19 at the start of the program). Students under the age of 19 will require their parent or guardian's signature. The following information is required for the full-time programs and cannot be waived:

Ensure that all fields are complete. Applications must be printed, initialed in the required fields, dated and signed on the reverse and submitted to the Pacific Design Academy, either in person or by mail. Upon submission, please provide Pacific Design Academy with the required application fee to ensure space in your program of choice is reserved. Do not submit this application form electronically as the Pacific Design Academy requires the original copy.

Part Time Courses require a completed part-time application form and full-payment. No application fee, proof of education or letter of intent is required.

PDA reserves the right to merge or cancel, any class or program in the event of insufficient enrolment.


Click here to download the application form for our full-time courses.



Click here to download the application form for our part-time courses.